Ranch "Noteckie"

Presently our ecological breeding sells fallow deer and their antlers and hides.


We can deliver with our own transport animals bought at our breeding ranch.
The most modern and one of the biggest fallow deer breedings in Europe

GOOD business

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You are here because you look for profitable business.

If you own land or if you're planning to buy it, and you don't know how to make profit of it

Big financial profits

- you're in a right place! We've got an idea for real good business for you.

Start up fallow deer breeding.

  • Fallow deer breeding is not difficult and creates possibilities of exploiting weak soils and also guarantees small labor consumption..
  • To take care of 1.500 animals it's enough to employ only 1 person part-time..
  • Great benefits from fallow deer breeding are everyday contact with these beautiful animals , and also increasing demand for venison (healthy, delicate and tasty meat).Especially within last few years demand for venison has been steadily growing. More and more purchasers are ready to pay well for it.
  • Fallow deer breeding appears in the next several years as very profitable business, also in tourism and agrotourism.
  • To help us reap profits from fallow deer breeding, we can use preferential credits, financed in years 2004-2006 by Agency of Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture under SAPARD programme, and also funds of Sector-Operational Programme within act 1.1"Investments on farms.". Such support may come up to 65% of investment's value..
  • Also each hectare of land is going to be subsidized..
  • Both experienced stock-breeders and beginners are going to get a big chance with new EC programmes which are going to be introduced in years 2007-2013 and which shall help breeders develop and reap even bigger and quicker profits.
  • Customers who purchased animals from our breeding farm remain under permanent care of the breeder who guarantees any help in starting and running the farm and also in using EC grants and preferential credits.


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